Why dogs need Calming Bed?

If you are here, you are probably thinking about what are calming dog beds or what are the best calming dog beds out there. But the important thing is that you are here for a little problem that you have. Don’t worry mate, because we are here to answer all of your questions that concern you.

A calming dog bed is a bed specially made for your fluffy little bundle of joy. It is made especially so that your dog can relax and have a peace of mind. It relieves anxiety or any of the pain your dog has from all the activities of the day.

Do dogs need a calming bed?

A dog is a man’s best friend and I am sure that your dog is your best friend too. Now you must be thinking that we are just using these emotions of yours to sell you the calming dog beds but that’s not the case, mate. Your dog actually needs a calming bed. And here is why: The calming beds can help your dog relax and ground them. This concept is basically used by therapists to ease anxiety. And that’s some ancient wisdom mate. The raised rims of the calming dog beds provide support for the neck and the soft filling inside helps calm the muscular tension.

You do not want your dog climbing up on your sofas or your beds. Just like you have a bed, your dog needs a calming bed too. Dogs need their personal space just like humans do. They need a place which they can claim as their own and for that reason, a dog bed is important for a dog. It is like they are the master of that area and that’s their domain.

A dog bed is also important for the health of a dog, sleeping on a hard floor can be detrimental to your pet’s health. It can cause various problems. And let’s just face it, it is not just clean to let your dog sleep on the floor. Your fur kid is as much of a living being as you and needs the same level of cleanliness as you.

Dogs even dream when they sleep. And you would want your friend having sweetest dreams. And that they can only have when they are sleeping peacefully on their dog bed.

How were the first dog beds?

We do know that the friendship between man and dogs have been for thousands of years, much of the literature is written about how this friendship would have started. How we would have tamed the wild wolves in the woods. How we would have made them realize that this companionship was beneficial for both of the parties. But none of it is ever written about the origin of the first dog bed ever.

I believe that when the humans let the first dog into their house thousands of years ago, it would have been a rainy stormy night and humans, out of empathy and love would have provided for their furry friend a nice little place to sleep on. They wouldn’t have stood at the thought of letting their friend sleep on a cold floor. Maybe they would have used grass. Maybe they would have used animal skins or maybe they would have used hay. Who knows.

How to clean a calming dog bed?

As we have mentioned before, the cleanliness of your housemate is one of the most important things that you should be worried about. A neat and clean environment for your dog can be really good for your dog’s mood and at the same time, a nasty environment can be very detrimental for your dog’s health. They might catch flees that can be really irritating for your pet. Hence, it is one of the most important tasks for you to clean the dog bed. Although it is an important thing, it is one of the most ignored one. You get lazy. Maybe you are tired from work. But you have to get up and get the job done.

Now, the easiest dog beds to clean are the ones that have removable covers. You just remove the covers, wash them and put them back on. Job done! But if the covers are not removable, the dog bed needs some special attention now when it comes to cleaning. But worry not my dear friend. You must worry not. Because we have a solution to your problem. You just have to do these simple things that we are going to tell you about cleaning such dog beds.

First, you must vacuum clean the dog bed. The calming bed for your dog ultimately collects lots of hair and dander and may also contain flea eggs that are yet to hatch. This will ultimately free the dog bed from lots of unwanted matter.
The dog bed might contain stains from your pet’s nails or feces. Such stains must be removed by applying special liquid before the dog bed is washed. If these stains are not dealt with, they stick by and make the calming dog bed not so pleasant looking.
Now you must wash the dog bed with hot water. The temperature of hot water cleans up lots of unwanted microbes or stains that are hard to remove by normal water temperature. The dog beds often have manufacturer’s instructions on how you should deal with the product. So you can follow them too. There are some chemicals you should avoid using when you are washing the dog bed. Such chemicals are bleach, isopropyl alcohol, phenols, chlorine, etc.
Now you must rinse the dog bed with clean water and dry it. Keep your dog’s bed clean for its maximum comfort level.

What are the best calming dog beds out there?

A dog’s breed matters when you are buying a bed for it for the winter season. Smaller dogs will lose heat quickly. As a result, they will need a warmer bed but larger dogs are well insulated by their own fur. Thus, keep that in mind when you are buying a dog bed. The size can be misleading too, for example, some dogs are small but produce too much body heat of their own. Thus you should do research when you are going to buy a bed for your precious little bundle of furry joy.

You must also consider your dog’s behavior when you are going to buy a bed for it. You can choose a circular bed if your dog likes to circle around and around and you should buy a rectangular bed if your pet likes to be a cute starfish on the couch. Your dog bed must also be a little bigger than the dog’s size. If your dog is getting older, you must make sure that you buy a calming dog bed that is actually “calming” to the dog’s muscles and joints.

All in all, your doggo is really important for you and the dog bed is really important for its health and comfort. Thus keep all of the above information in mind and go for it. Good luck.


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